About us

In 2007 Skjalg and Svein founded Integra on a mission to design a new user-centric patient lift solution that fit requirements of tomorrows healthcare. In 2017 Integra ships Integralift™ to healthcare institutions around the globe. Integralift is used in state of the art hospices, nursing homes, hospitals and private homes. Our passion is still to 

deliver next generation healthcare solution -today  

The team behind Integralift™

Skjalg Aabakken

Inventor and working chairman

"As a mechanical engineer and designer I love quality tools & great interiors. My dream was to combine a great bedroom interior with a high quality patient handling tool"

Svein Idsø

Co-inventor and board member

"Commercialising Integralift has been a hard but welcoming journey. Integralift makes us able"