About us

Integra was founded in 2008 with the aim to create the worlds first user-centric and hidden patient lift. Since 2010 Integralift™ has helped our users to deliver the healthcare of tomorrow. Now in 2021 Integralift™ is shipped around the globe. Integralift™ is increasingly becoming the standard in state of the art hospices, nursing homes, institutions and in increasingly for homecare in private homes.

Reach out to us or the dealer in your country to ensure that safe patient handling and positive interiors will be the outcome of your newbuild or refurbishment project.

Contact info in Norway

Integra International AS

G.Skoklef.vei 2A, 1452Nesoddtangen, Norway

+47 901 98 799


Contact info responsible dealers

                                            Australia                   CHS Healthcare
                                            Czech republic        Erilens
                                            Denmark                  A.P. Botved
                                            Estonia                     Equa
                                            France                     Scemed
                                            Norway                    Integra International
                                            Slovakia                   Ridop
                                            United Kingdom      Innova care concepts

We are currently expanding and looking for new exclusive dealers for Sweden, Netherlands, Canada and the US. 

The people behind Integralift™

Skjalg Aabakken


"I love quality tools & great interiors. I thought it possible to combine a great bedroom interiors with a quality patient handling tool"

Svein Idsø


"Commercialising Integralift has been a hard, but welcoming journey. Integralift makes us able"