Case studies

Need for safe patient handling and contemporary design.

The solution was hidden hoist built into bedhead unit

Tracking hoists as high ceilings and complications with four bedded bays
A bespoke bedhead system with hidden medical gases and in-built Integralift™ was chosen

Need for appealing chalets that offer safe transfers in and out of bed 
Solution was tailor-making Integralift™ to match the interior.

Hospital need fully equipped and well organised inpatient rooms. Integralift™ integrates patient lift, air and oxygen, electricity and room divider in a central coloumn

A London-based specialty insitution for Neuro-disability, the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability chose Integralift™ for their refurbishment scheme of their Grade II listed beautiful building

Integralift™ patient lift is easily retrofitted in homes. Standard cabinets as well as tailor-made ones are popular in master bedrooms.

Nursing home need safe patient transfer and patient room designs with home-feel.
Integralift™ patient lift system with bespoke cabinetry was retrofitted with elegant results